Wants & Needs

The following are items and volunteers needed to restore the USS BB55 North Carolina Battleship Replica to its original condition:

• All wood upper structures need to be replaced. This includes the conning tower and all of the gun turrets. It would be ideal to replace these with FRP material or aluminum plate and angle instead of marine plywood for weight reduction and longevity.

• The teak deck (which by the way, came from the USS North Carolina) needs to be refinished (sanded & caulked), sealed, and new stainless fasteners.

• Conning tower interior needs to be repaired and updated with new wiring, connectors, switches and controls.

• LED Lighting and sound system needs to be updated. A small 2000W generator is needed to operate all electronics.

• Paint, brushes, rollers, etc. and volunteers to paint after all updates and repairs have been made.

• Purchase or build a replica of the original float plane.

• New signal flag set and a new radiator for the diesel engine.

• A permanent enclosed storage facility is needed to preserve and maintain the Battleship Replica

These are just the needs we see now. As we get deeper into the restoration I am sure other items will be needed!

The following repairs or donations have already been made: Diesel engine (AutoWorks), Substructure repairs (Atlantic Coast Industrial), New Tires (Aspen Tire), Conning Tower FRP Materials (Flow Science), Substructure materials (Gulfstream Steel & Supply).
Thanks to these companies and individuals!